Bottled and Jarred Packaged Goods

 Americans are aware of their environmental and social responsibilities.

More than one billion people around the world don't have clean water access. This represents more than a sixth of the world's population. Yet, Americans spend billions of dollars every year to have tap water instead of having to use plastic bottles.BOTTLED AND JARRED PACKAGED GOODS.

Every year 1.5 million tons of plastic are used to bottle water. Every year, 300 million gallons of bottled water are imported into the United States.

American consumers often consider bottled water an indulgence. In 2007, this was $15 billion. By the end of the decade the US will have spent $16 billion annually for bottled water.

As a nation, we consume more than 30 billion single-serving water containers annually. The rest end up as trash, which costs American cities over $70 million each year to clean up and dispose of. This dramatically increases global warming.

Last year, Americans disposed off 38 billion plastic water bottles. 38 billion plastic water bottles were disposed of by Americans last year.

By buying plastic made from petroleum, you are putting money into bottled water. It consumes 17 million barrels of oil per year and emits huge amounts carbon dioxide every year.

In the United States, we haul around 1 billion liters per week. This includes all ships, trains and trucks.

You can save the environment by using tap water. A NY Times investigative reporter pointed out that tap water is cheaper than imported water from France or Italy.

Everyone should have access to safe drinking water.

Access to clean, affordable water is vital for any country's health. Fiji has more than half its population without safe drinking water. Americans living in Los Angeles or New York have the opportunity to access Fijian water at a fraction of the cost of most Fijians.

Bottled water can cost you up to $1,500 per year.

Many bottled waters contain tap water. Bottled water companies often repackage tapwater in plastic bottles, then sell them at higher prices than gasoline. Aquafina had to alter its labels to tell consumers that Aquafina water was made from tapwater. More than 25% of bottled waters contain only tap water.

Plastic containers can leak toxic chemicals.

There is a solution. Carbon-filtered tapwater is safer than bottled water. It can also be used in areas where there aren't any reliable water sources. It's also 10-20x cheaper than bottled water, and doesn’t create waste or pollution due to the packaging and transport of bottled water.

Water filters that are portable and easy to use. This is a great way to save money on water filtering. For a family of five, you could save $7500.00 annually. Homecare Assisant 

We must stop being unwittingly victims to manipulative marketing.

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